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One stop shop marketplace for energy industry

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A simple, easy and hands on platform with simplified due diligence

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Tailor made key in hand projects, pay as you go, pay as you grow, with best technical solutions and mastery in contract management to maximize performance and reliability.

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Wind energy case studies

Operations standarization

Maximization of electricity generation planning preventive maintenance during low wind capacity timeframes and operations standarization

Recycling wind turbine blades

Recovering and reusing pure glass fiber for manufacturing new products instead of landfilling

Our research

Solar energy case studies


Refurbishment PV modules to use instead of recycling and landfilling


Reducing revamping costs selling used modules to be refurbished and reused

Vision for the future

Better, cleaner and safer energy

Unique “key in hand” tailored solutions

One stop shop for energy solutions with low risk, disruptive and innovative business models, complying with ESG for a sustainable future